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New Products

  • NEATFORM, NEATFLEX and NEATMATCH™ by NEATCONCEPTS is a range of flexible panel products for curved structures.
    • GIZIR Wood Products producer of Ultra High Gloss panels featuring their Polylac, Acrylic and Decors product line.
    • Albasia Lightweight WBP VC available from 3mm 48"x96" to 48mm 48"x96".
  • HUSKY Plywood is a producer of decorative hardwood plywood 3-ply panels (MDF, PBC, etc). Panel species include all commercially available species including exotic species. Panel sizes range from 4’x8' to 5’x10' as well as cross-grain sizes.
  • COMMONWEALTH Plywood producer of domestic decorative hardwood veneer core (VC) panels. Panels are available in rotary and sliced species from around the globe.

 Please speak with your CMA Representative for more details.